Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman on why their Android-powered video game console will succeed

Ouya is the talk of the town these days.

Have no idea who they are? Read my NYPost.com interview with the CEO for more.

Review: ‘Breaking Bad’ 5×03 – ‘Hazard Pay’

I reviewed the latest episode of Breaking Bad, Hazard Pay, for Starpulse.

Healthy Tech: App helps detect skin cancer and 2 more stories

My latest Healthy Tech column is up on DVICE.

Malik Yoba On ‘Alphas’ Season 2

Hopefully one of these days, I’ll attend these conference calls SyFy invites me to.

In the meantime, I wrote up some key quotes off the transcript of one Malik Yoba of Alphas did recently. It’s on Starpulse.

Croon Audio launches The Original sound system

I really need to get myself one of these Bluetooth speakers.

In the meantime, I wrote up Croon Audio’s first entry into the market over on HardwareLust.

2 Endless Running Games for the iPhone and iPad

Endless running games are pretty popular on the iPhone. They’re not really for me — maybe because I’m bad at them — but I reviewed 2 of the better ones recently.

You can see my thoughts on Temple Run Brave and Run for Peace on Stack.com.

Roku Gets Huge Infusion of Cash & Plans Product Launch in the Fall

Roku announced some awesome news yesterday. Ever since they sent me a box for review, I’ve been super jazzed about their company.

I wrote about their news today for Hardware Lust.