Interview with Lead Designer on Telltale’s The Walking Dead; Episode 3 Out Today

I interviewed Sean Vanaman (again) about The Walking Dead. This time about Episode 3.

Which I’ll be playing this weekend. Here’s the interview at Starpulse.

Review of Strikefleet Omega

Here’s my latest piece for The Game Corps.

I review the iOS game, Strikefleet Omega.

Spec Ops: The Line [REVIEW]: An Intriguing Morality Tale With Flaws, But Still Worth Playing

Here’s my second video game review for Starpulse.

I reviewed Spec Ops: The Line.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Collector’s Editions Announced

I loved Blops. Can’t wait for Blops II.

Wrote about the Collector’s Editions for Starpulse.

Rockstar Launches Free Disorganized Crime Pack DLC for Max Payne 3

Rockstar launches awesome new FREE DLC for Max Payne 3.

More importantly… it takes place in my town of Hoboken! I wrote it up for Starpulse.

Exercise garb electrifies you for mistakes and 2 more healthy stories

My latest column, Healthy Tech, is now live on DVICE.

‘Breaking Bad’ 5×07: ‘Say My Name’ Review

And here’s my next to last recap/review of Breaking Bad for the season.

It’s live on Starpulse.