ZooGue Launches Case Genius Pro for New iPad

Even though I’m not a fan of large iPad cases, I see people carrying them on the PATH train every day.

I wrote up the launch of a new one from ZooGue for Hardware Lust.

The Garmin fēnix—The First Outdoor GPS Wrist Watch

The next type of gadgets I’m going to be reviewing are GPS watches.

That’s why I wrote up the announcement of Garmin’s entry into the market on Hardware Lust.

Pitfall Comes to iOS

Pitfall came to iOS.

I need to play this. You need to play this. But first… read my coverage of the announcement on Hardware Lust.

Aperion Audio Launches Intimus 4T Summit Wireless Home Theater Speaker System

Expensive? For sure.

But I kind of want this wireless speaker system I mentioned on Hardware Lust.

JAYS Unveils the a-JAYS One+ Headphones, Optimized for Android Phones, in White

Headphones specific for Android?

Why not? Hoping to test these for my Galaxy S III. In the meantime, I wrote it up as news for Hardware Lust.

Denon Announces Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable

I’m starting to think iPod docks are getting crazy expensive.

Check out this one I wrote about for Hardware Lust.

I.R.I.S. Announces IRIScan Anywhere 3

I hate scanners, but I kind of want to review this scanner.

Any peripheral that doesn’t need to hook up to a computer with awful, AWFUL drivers, is a good one. At least in my book.

Here’s my post on Hardware Lust.