Falling Skies: A Huge Victory for 2nd Mass, But Who Arrives at the End?

And already, I’m done reviewing Falling Skies for the summer.

My final recap/review is now live over at Roadrunner.

The Closer Series Finale: No Last Confession, But A Case Closed for Brenda

The Closer is a show I really surprisingly loved over the course of its run.

But I was a bit disappointed in the series finale. Here’s my review over at Roadrunner.

Falling Skies 2×09 – The Price of Greatness

What an absolute mess of an episode. All over the place. A rush job.

Here’s my review for Roadrunner.

Falling Skies 2×08: The March Ends and Arrives at Charleston

My latest review of Falling Skies, 2×08: Death March, is now up at Roadrunner.

Warehouse 13 Premiere: Time is Turned Back, But at What Cost?

Warehouse 13 is a show that I would watch, but not always right away. Until last season when one of my favorite character actors, Aaron Ashmore, joined the cast as Steve Jinks.

They had an incredible arc for his character last year, and I’m glad that he’ll still be “top of mind” going into this new season. I reviewed the season premiere for Roadrunner. Might be the only episode I review this season, however…

Review of Falling Skies 2×07 – Molon Lobe

Last night’s episode of Falling Skies was easily my favorite of the season.

Check out my review over at Roadrunner to find out why.

Review of Falling Skies 2×06 – Homecoming

I reviewed last night’s new episode of Falling Skies, Homecoming, for Roadrunner.

You can read the full piece here.