‘Arrow’ Recap: Slade Has Come to Starling City to Fulfill a Promise

Here is my latest recap of Arrow for BuddyTV.

Mateus Ward on Why Jake Called Home on ‘Hostages’ and What Else Fans Can Expect This Season

I interviewed Mateus Ward, Jake from Hostages, for Starpulse.

‘Homeland’ Recap: Carrie Goes to Work for the Enemy

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‘Dexter’ Recap: Everyone Starts Saying Their Goodbyes

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‘Springsteen & I’ Review: A Must See For Boss Fans

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Cast of ‘Warehouse 13’ Talks Monday’s Mid-Season Finale

It’s the Warehouse 13 mid-season finale on Monday. The cast recently participated in a conference call.

I wrote up some of the choice quotes for Starpulse.

Interview With CEO of CruxCase, Behind Upcoming Macbook Air-Like iPad Case

I get a lot of PR-related emails about iPhone and iPad cases that are getting funding on Kickstarter. But this one caught me eye–the idea of turning your iPad into a Macbook as close as possible.

I decided to interview the CEO of the company behind the case and it’s up on Starpulse.

Sleeping Dogs developer interview: Building a game about an undercover cop that showed ‘Not just the physical risks, but the mental anguish and conflicted loyalties’

I’m having a blast right now playing the game Sleeping Dogs.

Before I get to my review, here’s a developer interview on NYPost.com.

Sceptre launches the Sound Bar speaker

I really need to get myself a Sound Bar one of these days.

I wrote up Sceptre’s new model on Hardware Lust.