Summer Glau and Executive Producer/Showrunner Bruce Miller Discuss ‘Alphas’ Second Season

Alphas is finishing up its second season tonight.

Summer Glau and EP/showrunner Bruce Miller were on a conference call recently. I wrote up the highlights for Starpulse.

Sean Astin Guests on ‘Alphas’ Monday

Alphas continues its streak of casting great actors in guest roles this season.

Sean Astin guested tonight on Alphas. I wrote up the announcement for Starpulse.

Kandyse McClure (Dee from Battlestar Galactica) Guests on Alphas This Monday

Haven’t had a chance to watch this Monday’s Alphas yet, but a famous BSGer guest starred on it.

I wrote it up for Starpulse.

Lauren Holly to Guest Star on ‘Alphas’

Lauren Holly is guesting on Alphas on Monday, when it moves to its new timeslot at 8 pm ET.

I wrote it up for Starpulse.

Malik Yoba On ‘Alphas’ Season 2

Hopefully one of these days, I’ll attend these conference calls SyFy invites me to.

In the meantime, I wrote up some key quotes off the transcript of one Malik Yoba of Alphas did recently. It’s on Starpulse.

Ryan Cartwright (Gary Bell) on the Second Season of Alphas, Premiering Tonight

And also premiering tonight is Alphas, which has a very good first season. I especially liked the season finale.

Again, I couldn’t make the SyFy conference call, but I perused the transcript from choice quotes from star Ryan Cartwright. My piece is over on Starpulse.