Falling Skies: A Huge Victory for 2nd Mass, But Who Arrives at the End?

And already, I’m done reviewing Falling Skies for the summer.

My final recap/review is now live over at Roadrunner.

Falling Skies 2×09 – The Price of Greatness

What an absolute mess of an episode. All over the place. A rush job.

Here’s my review for Roadrunner.

Falling Skies 2×08: The March Ends and Arrives at Charleston

My latest review of Falling Skies, 2×08: Death March, is now up at Roadrunner.

Review of Falling Skies 2×07 – Molon Lobe

Last night’s episode of Falling Skies was easily my favorite of the season.

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Review of Falling Skies 2×06 – Homecoming

I reviewed last night’s new episode of Falling Skies, Homecoming, for Roadrunner.

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