Exercise garb electrifies you for mistakes and 2 more healthy stories

My latest column, Healthy Tech, is now live on DVICE.

Healthy Tech: Heart rate monitors, running and you

I write a lot about Healthy Tech for DVICE, but I’ve never done as in-depth a piece as I have that just posted on heart rate monitors.

Please give that one a read. I did a lot of research, interviewed a lot of folks and spent a lot of time thinking about it. Here’s the link.

3 stories about video games making the world a healthier place

This week’s column, Healthy Tech, is now up on DVICE.

It’s all about videogames…

Healthy Tech: 2012 Olympic Games edition

Healthy Tech this week for DVICE was all about the 2012 Olympic Games.

Here’s the link.

Healthy Tech: App helps detect skin cancer and 2 more stories

My latest Healthy Tech column is up on DVICE.

Healthy Tech on DVICE: Week of 7/23

Here’s my weekly column, Healthy Tech, now live on DVICE.

This week, I looked at a GPS watch for women, the iBike device and a fridge that rats you out.