Writing the Score for the Upcoming Videogame ‘Titanfall’ [INTERVIEW]

I interviewed the man writing the score for the upcoming videogame, Titanfall, for Starpulse.


Interview With Thunder Levin, Screenwriter Of Syfy Original ‘Sharknado’

I interviewed the screenwriter behind Sharknado, Thunder Levin, for Starpulse.

Interview with Jim Walls, Creator of ‘Police Quest’ Franchise and Upcoming ‘Precinct’ Game on Kickstarter

I interviewed Jim Walls, the creator of the Police Quest franchise and upcoming Precinct game on Kickstarter, for Starpulse.

Interview with 17 Year Old Programmer Who Created Browser Plug-in To Block TV Spoilers

I interviewed a 17-year old programmer who created a browser plug-in to block TV spoilers on Twitter for Starpulse.

Misfit Wearables CEO On Why You Should Back the Misfit Shine Wireless Tracker

I love health trackers. I interviewed the CEO behind a brand new one called the Misfit Shine. It’s up on Starpulse.

Interview with John Drake from Harmonix on What’s New in Dance Central 3

(Catching up on posting this that ran while I had no power because of Hurricane Sandy.)

First, is an interview with John Drake from Harmonix about Dance Central 3 on Starpulse.

Interview with ‘The Walking Dead’ video game writer Gary Whitta

So excited for the new episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Episode 4 will be out later this month.

I interviewed the writer, Gary Whitta, for NYPost.com.