Got a Kinect for Christmas? Here are the Games to Buy… and One to Avoid!

I looked at four recent Kinect games (Angry Birds Trilogy, Fable: The Journey, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth and NBA Baller Beats) for a recent piece on Starpulse.

Interview with Gary Carr on Fable: The Journey and why Kinect non-believers will change their tune

I’m definitely not a huge believer in Kinect. But a recent preview of Fable: The Journey started to change my mind.

That title is out next week. I sat down with Gary Carr, Creative Director at Lionhead Studios (responsible for the game), recently and ran the interview on

Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth on Kinect Demo Now Available for Xbox Live Gold Members

Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth now has a demo for Xbox Live Gold members.

I covered the announcement for Starpulse.