Polly Walker To Guest on ‘Warehouse 13’ in 2013

Polly Walker has a big arc planned for Warehouse 13 next season.

I covered the announcement for Starpulse.

Cast of ‘Warehouse 13’ Talks Monday’s Mid-Season Finale

It’s the Warehouse 13 mid-season finale on Monday. The cast recently participated in a conference call.

I wrote up some of the choice quotes for Starpulse.

Pooch Hall To Guest (And Throw Punches) on Warehouse 13

Another guest star on Warehouse 13 this season.

Pooch Hall guests on Monday’s episode. I wrote it up for Starpulse.

Lindsay Wagner Returns to Warehouse 13 Next Week

Lindsay Wagner will be back on Warehouse 13 next week.

I wrote it up for Starpulse.

Laura Innes to Guest-Star on ‘Warehouse 13’ in September

Cool guest star get for Warehouse 13!

I covered it for Starpulse.

Warehouse 13 Premiere: Time is Turned Back, But at What Cost?

Warehouse 13 is a show that I would watch, but not always right away. Until last season when one of my favorite character actors, Aaron Ashmore, joined the cast as Steve Jinks.

They had an incredible arc for his character last year, and I’m glad that he’ll still be “top of mind” going into this new season. I reviewed the season premiere for Roadrunner. Might be the only episode I review this season, however…

Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek on New Season of Warehouse 13

Even though I couldn’t make the SyFy conference call, I was so jazzed by the last season of Warehouse 13, that I had to write up some key quotes from the interviews with stars Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek.

My piece is over on Starpulse.